Seminar on Major Trends in Contemporary Indian English Poetry

A Report on National Seminar on “Major Trends in Contemporary Indian English Poetry”

A One Day National Seminar on “Major Trends in Contemporary Indian English Poetry organized by Pragati Educational Council (Regd.) was held on 6th Oct. 2011 at District Library , Jalandhar. The General Secretary of the Council, Dr. N. K. Neb, welcomed the Chief guest Dr. Mrs. Ajay Sareen, Principal R.R. D.A.V. College for Girls, Batala and talked about the literary activities of the council including the organization of such seminars, workshops, conferences and the publication a literary journal Pragati’s English Journal (a bi-annual journal dedicated to the study of language and literature). The chief guest, Dr. Mrs. Ajay Sareen highlighted the relevance of poetry in the present times and expressed her concern for the growing apathy of the people towards poetry. Prof. G.C. Mago, an eminent poet and Prof. R. K. Parashar (the guests of honour) also shared their views about the emergence of new trends in contemporary Indian English poetry. They also recited their poems which received applause from the audience. Prof Vaneet Mehta also recited some of his poems.

The seminar was attended by 72 delegates and fifteen scholarly papers were presented followed by interesting and lively discussion on the papers by scholars like Sadaf Shah, Rohit Phutela and Kalwaran Singh. The papers by Monika Sethi, Tripti Chaudhary, Shelly Dutta, Balbir Singh, Ravinder Gill, Barinder Kumar, Poornima, Narinder Kumar Neb, Arvinder Beri, Raman Sidhu, were of great interest to the scholars and the audience. The major trends that these papers traced in contemporary Indian English Poetry included the thrust on the expression of contemporary reality, gender bias, treatment of the life of the marginalized groups like gays and lesbians, postcolonial issues, diasporic consciousness, modernist concern for established values, treatment of nature revealing eco consciousness and concentrated treatment of city life.

Apart from the participants related to the literary circles and students of literature like, Prof. H. K. Bajaj, Anoop Vats, Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Prof. Archana Oberoi, Prof. Renu Gupta, Prof. Navjot Deol, Prof. Aman Lata, Prof. Baljinder Kaur, Prof. Som Nath, Prof. Rajan Kapur, Prof. Naresh Kumar Sharma, Prof. Rajni Sodhi, Harjeet, Kirandeep Singh, Aarti Parashar, Nitika Dhawan, Deepa Katyal, the presence of Prof. S. J. Talwar Department of Economics, D.A.V. College, Jalandhar, Dr. Rajinder Singh Beri, Department of Commerce, K.R.M.D.A.V. College, Nakodar, Mrs. and Mr. Sukesh Prinja, Mr. Drupad, Sukhmani and Prabhutee throughout the seminar indicated the interest that it could generate and the relevance poetry carries for life.

Prof. Sharad Manocha conducted the stage in an impressive way. The seminar concluded with a vote of thanks presented by Mrs. Ravinder Neb on behalf of the Pragati Educational Council.

Ms. Maneet Bedi, Suruchi & Geeta M.A. English-II D.A.V. College, Jalandhar